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Celtics Score Early, Often, Roll Over Hawks

No problemo
No problemo

The ebbs and flows of this series are just so interesting. The Celtics started off rusty in game one and lost Rondo for the next game. The Celtics rallied around that adversity and won the next game for Rondo, stealing home court and momentum in the series. The next game was a bit of a let-down, trap game, but the Celtics managed to pull off the win - even if it took overtime to do it.

This game was all Celtics all night long. The starters took the early lead and the reserves kept it going. About the only bad thing that happened was Paul Pierce leaving the game with a sore knee. He returned to the game, so it can't be all that bad, but it's something to keep an eye on.

Other than that, no complaints here.

  • Both Josh Smith and Al Horford played tonight.
  • There was a scoring drought in the 3rd when the team relaxed a bit, but a couple of 3's from Rondo and Ray erased that pretty quick.
  • Ho hum, 20 points and 16 assists for Rondo.
  • Ho hum, 24 points in just 16 minutes for Pierce.
  • 6 Celtics in double digits.
What else is there to say. Let's finish this out in 5!

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