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News To Nobody; Celtics Vulnerable Due To Injury Concerns


I love it when the playoffs roll around and the Celtics are playing well. They become one of the main attractions on TV (saw them discussed on Around the Horn today), radio (which is often nails on the chalkboard for me), and "print."

We have some analysts like Wojo declaring that Rondo and the Celtics are the biggest threat to the Heat and others like Ian Thomsen who want to remind us that everything could fall apart at a moments notice.

Rajon Rondo guides Celtics to 3-1 lead, but Boston remains vulnerable - Ian Thomsen -

As imposing as they've been, they can't pretend they aren't at risk. Bradley has had troubles all year with his left shoulder, which separated in Game 3 and caused the doctors to scrutinize his pre-game workout before allowing him to contribute 19 minutes Sunday. Allen (5-of-9 for 12 points in 19 minutes) said he feels "surprisingly great," but Rivers couldn't be sure how the injured ankle of his 36-year-old guard would feel the next day or the day after that.

In related news, Elivs is still dead and taxes were due on April 15th.

And now for a long joke setup.

In what may be their final season together, two years past their supposed expiration date, much of Boston's success depends on the perimeter defense of the young guards Rondo and Bradley. If they prevent penetration, then their elders don't need to rotate and can focus on rebounding, which had been a weakness until recently. When they defend and rebound then Rondo can dictate the pace, spread the floor and do the heavy lifting that makes the game easy for everyone. He is the makeup that makes them all look handsome and young.

So... I guess that would make Rondo the "foundation" of this team. Thank you, I'll be here all week. And the week after that, and so forth.

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