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Kevin Garnett Is Serving Up A Tasty Team Building Dinner

GINO! Imma gonna bake you something with hot sauce!
GINO! Imma gonna bake you something with hot sauce!

With any luck, Kevin Garnett will find some magic potion that lets him play effectively well into his 40's. Because if he doesn't, I'm really going to miss his amazing analogies.

Back in December he talked about building team chemistry using a tortilla analogy.

Irish Coffee: Kevin Garnett, Cake Boss of the Celtics

"Timing is everything, and chemistry isn’t something that you just don’t throw in the frying pan and mix it up with another something, and throw something on top of that, and then fry it up, put it in a tortilla, put it in the microwave, heat it up and give it to you, and expect it to taste good. For those who can cook, y’all know what I’m talking about. If y’all don’t know what I’m talking about and can’t cook, then this doesn’t concern you."

Fast forward to last night when food was on his mind once again.

"I always like to use baking a cake as an example," said Garnett. "Nothing’s going to come out of the first two minutes. You have to sit there and wait on it, for y’all who know how to bake. Some of y’all don’t know how to bake, but don’t worry about it. Ask your mothers and fathers or something — someone who knows how to bake. But it’s very similar to that. You have to give it time for it to turn into what it’s going to be. Time tells everything when the results come, and I’m just glad we’re in a nice rhythm right now."

No wonder Big Baby couldn't meet the weight clause in his contract.

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