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Ray Allen's Future Up In The Air

Up in the air
Up in the air

In the present Ray Allen is focused on keeping his ankles healthy and helping the Celtics win another Championship. That's his laser focus. The future, however, might be more cloudy. He was thinking offseason surgery but now he's not so sure.

Allen good to go for Game 4, reconsidering surgery

After seeing images from test results, Allen recently said surgery was "inevitable". But Allen is feeling so much better than expected that he is reconsidering his initial assessment of requiring ankle surgery this offseason. "I know I said that a couple weeks ago, and I believe that just from the pictures," he said. "But based on how I feel now and where my body is, I'll revisit getting x-rays, MRI when it's over with and make an assessment then because if I continue on this track and I know I'm getting better, I don't need to have surgery if it's not necessary."

Also, he'll be a free agent at the end of the year, and while I'm sure he'd love to come back and I'd bet the team would love to have him back, that isn't always enough when money comes into the picture. If Danny decides to go in another direction, however, don't be too surprised to see him show up on a hated rival's roster.

Dave Hyde's post on Knicks vs Heat

Ray Allen, a free agent after this year, wants to play for the Heat next year, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard.

Say it ain't so Ray. In reality, nobody would blame him if the Celtics didn't make a strong effort to retain Allen. In my mind he's the most likely of the Big 3 to move on because the team still relies so heavily on KG for defensive leadership.

Then again, Gary Washburn asks the question: why not bring them both back?

The Celtics have every reason to bring the Big Three back for one more run - The Boston Globe

Of course, Ainge can’t possibly pay Garnett and Allen the same salaries, but would both return on reduced contracts to stay in the same positive environment? Likely. And there appears to be no premium free agent for the Celtics to pursue this summer.

We'll see. Another problem for another day.

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