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Pierce Admits The Truth, He Was A Step Short

Pierce looked old last night.
Pierce looked old last night.

Pierce is far too proud to use an injury as an excuse, but even he had to admit what we all saw was the truth of it.

Pierce downplays knee ailment - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"I don’t really think it bothered me too much," said Pierce. "I didn’t really try to think about it. I probably was a little step slower, I didn't have my usual lift that I usually do. But I don’t think it really affected me, too much. I mean, I’m not a high-riser anyway."

That's about as much as you are going to get from Paul, but it is enough. Injuries are weird, wonky things. I just hope that he can get better (somehow) in the next couple of days and help the team close this series out at home on Thursday.

Other injury news seems more positive, at least as Doc "I'm only a doctor in name" Rivers tells it.

Paul Pierce shrugs off pain -

"Ray (Allen) feels good, and he’s probably the healthiest," Rivers said of another banged-up Celtic. "Avery (Bradley) has to be feeling better because he got through the game without any injuries, so that’s two more days of his shoulder being stronger. But honestly you don’t know once the game starts what will happen. You just have to be ready for anything."

Get well guys.

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