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Could This Be Kevin Garnett's Swan Song?

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This is all just speculation and conjecture at this point. In fact, there are conflicting reports that Kevin Garnett is considering retirement after this season, regardless of how Boston finishes. Exhibit A: Jackie MacMullan was on WEEI this morning confirming her conversation with Doc where he intimated that Garnett would be coming back next season and he'd only come back in Celtic green. Exhibit B: Steve Aschburner at is reporting that Garnett's laying it all out there this post-season because he wants to leave the game with the gas tank on E:

But at least one league source who knows Garnett well thinks a proud, strong exit and, as they say in show biz, a chance to leave 'em wanting more might be his plan. "I think that's what we've been seeing in these playoffs," the friend of Garnett said. "The way he's been playing, it's like he wants to go out on his terms."

I hate even posting this story before the biggest game of the season. It's just bad juju and I'll blame Aschburner for casting this pall over Celtic Nation. I'll just say this: KG's is laying it on the line right now because that's what KG does. To suggest that he's doing it because he wants "a chance to leave 'em wanting more" is ridiculous. He gives everything that he's got because that's what Celtics do.

I'll also take Jackie Mac's word and Doc's intuition over Aschburner.

Now let's win Game 3.

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