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Rumor: Celtics Interested in Danny Green


If ever there was a perfect name for a free agent rumored to be in the Celtics' radar, it would be Danny Green. To wit, Danny would love to get Green in green.

Draft will be time for Doc Rivers’s son to rise - Sports - The Boston Globe

An emerging player on the Celtics’ radar could be San Antonio restricted free agent Danny Green, who had a solid playoff stretch with the Spurs and is one of the league’s most improved players. Green started most of the postseason games for San Antonio, and because he is a second-round pick under the Arenas rule, the Spurs can match any offer to him. The Celtics will be seeking an athletic swingman who can play defense and has long-range shooting skills

I kind of doubt that the Spurs would not match just about any reasonable offer given to him but it is an interesting rumor. I wonder what this means for the other Green, meaning Jeff.