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Mickael Pietrus Wants To Be Back In Boston

Yes Mickael, it can get cold in Boston sometimes.
Yes Mickael, it can get cold in Boston sometimes.

Sounds like Mickael Pietrus would love to be back in Boston, though I'm not sure how much interest the Celtics will have in him. I enjoy Pietrus as a personality and I appreciate his defensive efforts, but his offensive game was (as advertised) very one dimensional and when the 3 pointer wasn't falling, there wasn't much value there. So look for the Celtics to look for younger, more athletic wings.

With that said, I think I'd miss Mickael's personality. For example, see this video of him interrupting a Bass interview to thank Boston fans.

On a side note, read his quote and tell me that free agents wouldn't be drawn to Boston if only to play with Doc Rivers.

Pietrus: 'Hopefully, I'll be back' - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"Doc, to me, is like a dad," said Pietrus. "I came here, he took me under his shoulders, treated me like his son, and that's why I was so grateful to the Celtics this year, and so grateful to the players, too. So, hopefully I'll be back under his shoulder again next year and do it again. I just want to play hard for my team, play hard for Doc, because he has respect for me, I have respect for him -- and that's what it's all about for the franchise, respect."

It is a shame the free agent market isn't very good this year. I'd love to see our pitch to some top name players.

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