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Finals Open Thread - Go Perk! Beat The Heat!

Go get 'em Perk!
Go get 'em Perk!

Open game thread to discuss the Finals game 1. For additional coverage of the series, check out our SBNation network sites.

Thunder vs Heat: The Moment Arrives (2012 NBA Finals Game 1 Preview) - Welcome to Loud City

Who is going to guard Chris Bosh? In the series against the Spurs, we were all very concerned about Serge Ibaka's historic struggles in defending stretch-four power forwards. The Thunder responded by putting a great game plan in place to crowd out the shooters and limit Matt Bonner in particular to a horrible series. Now they face Chris Bosh, who has gotten quite used to stepping out in the corner-3 spot and hitting open jumpers. We have yet to see if Bosh is all the way back from his stomach injury, so we don't know how he's going to be able to bang down low. Whatever happens though, OKC cannot leave him open for those open looks, because even if he is still not 100%, he has proven he can make those shots.

Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Finals preview - Peninsula is Mightier

How will Erik Spoelstra manage the minutes of LeBron, Wade, Bosh and the rest of the Miami Heat? Against the Boston Celtics, the Heat were able to do a decent job on the glass but the frontline of Kendrick Perkins, Serge Ibaka and Nick Collison present a tougher task. Miami also leaned heavily on LeBron, who played a whooping 320 minutes last round. The Celtics big 3 however is roughly 13 years older than the Thunder's big 3 and although LeBron James has consistently proven to be the one of the most conditioned athletes in the league, his energy will be harder to come by.

Yeah, I'm not even going to try to be unbiased in this. Go Thunder!

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