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Greg Stiemsma's First Choice Is To Return To Celtics

No soup for you.
No soup for you.

Greg Stiemsma has a busy summer ahead of him. The former D-League defensive player of the year is now a proven seven footer in a league desperate for tall guys with skill. He has to get his feet right, but after that he'll be joining the U.S. practice squad that will scrimmage against the Olympic team. Quit the honor and opportunity to learn from the best.

Also, along the way he'll have to sort out the matter of where he'll be playing next year. He's clear on where he wants to be.

Greg Stiemsma gets his feet wet -

"Obviously, I have to do what’s best financially for me and my family. But at the same time, to come back to this system where I think I fit in pretty well, that will play a factor, too," Stiemsma said. "The fans in Boston have been unbelievable. To come back to play for Doc (Rivers), hopefully we can make that work out. Boston is definitely my No. 1 choice."

We'll have to see what his asking price is, but at a decent rate I'd love to see him back in Boston as well. You can't teach height and you also can't teach the shot blocking instincts that he possesses.

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