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Rumor: Ray Allen Eyeing Knicks, Heat, and Clippers

An Empire State of mind?
An Empire State of mind?

It sounds more and more like Ray Allen is going elsewhere next season. The only question is where will he go?

Knicks could use Ray Allen, but ... - Knicks Blog - ESPN New York

If the Celtics don't pan out for Allen, Sports Illustrated's NBA writer Chris Mannix was told that the Knicks and Heat are at the top of his list. But a source very familiar with Allen's situation told that the Heat, as well as potentially the Clippers, will be more attractive to the five-time All-Star in the offseason because they're top teams that can offer more than the veteran's minimum of $1.4 million. That will likely be the Knicks' spending limit for free agents.

Let's just say that I hope he doesn't end up in Miami. The Clippers would be fine I suppose. I'm not fond of the idea of him ending up in New York. But he's a free agent, free to chose what's best for him and his family.