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NBA Finals Game 2 - Game Thread - Heat vs. Thunder

Give yourself a round of applause.
Give yourself a round of applause.

Can anyone stop the Thunder offensive machine? Hopefully not! Here's hoping for more of the same.

Go Thunder! Beat the Heat!

The Point Forward " Posts Flexible Thunder offense making history "

But the bottom line of these playoffs is this: Nobody can stop the Thunder scoring machine, and until someone can begin to even limit it just a little for 48 minutes, there is really nothing else to discuss. The Thunder are blitzing everyone, adapting to every defensive strategy and putting themselves in the running for the unofficial title of greatest postseason offense in NBA history.

Thunder 105, Heat 94: OKC Draws First Blood (2012 NBA Finals Game 1 Quick Recap) - Welcome to Loud City

The Heat perimeter defense, as great as it can be, a) is not at full force since Miami is dealing with some key player injuries; and b) there still are soft pockets where the defense can be exploited. The Thunder had two primary ways to attack this defense. The first was through Russell Westbrook's dribble-drive penetration, and the second was the usage of the standard high pick and roll slip screens. The team went to both of these options early and often in the 3rd quarter and were able to dig themselves out of the half-time hole.


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