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Celtics May Be Looking To Trade Up In The Draft

We've been hearing whispers about the Celtics wanting to trade up in the draft for weeks now. Some of that is logical. You'd always love to move up in the draft at a certain price. Still, the Celtics are working out guys that don't project to be around in the early 20's and one rumor after another indicates that the C's are actively looking.

Here's one from Andy Katz of ESPN

I'll be surprised if Boston keeps both 21 and 22, but the Celtics need to make sure there is a palatable trade. This is a huge summer for Boston's two 2011 draft picks, Purdue's E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson, who didn't get a chance to play much as rookies.

Also, there's a video with Bob Ryan talking vaguely about the Celtics wanting to trade up for Harrison Barnes, though it isn't clear what it would take to get him. Suffice to say that Danny is always looking and he's got a couple of picks to work with this year. So expect the rumors to continue.

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