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NBA Finals Game 3 - Game Thread

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Game thread for game 3 of the Finals.

via Welcome to Loud City

The Thunder lost their 1st home game of the post-season, are tied in the series at 1-1, and now must head to Miami knowing that they have to win at least one time if they want to see their home court again. It is the bitter, but nobody said this would be easy.

It is unfortunate that such a home game letdown had to occur at a moment when the stakes were so high, but OKC has been unsuccessful in correcting their early struggles for 3 consecutive games now. Hopefully this loss finally grabs their attention and they make amends.

viaPeninsula is Mightier

Like Game 1, the Heat started the game with a run, going up 18-2 on the Thunder. But unlike Game 1, Miami didn't amass the lead with fool's gold. Instead of relying primarily on 3-pointers, Wade got into the lane for some baskets. James punished whoever guarded him - Durant or Thabo Sefolosha - in the post. Bosh started the game and had a double-double by halftime. On one particular play, he pump faked to get Serge Ibaka into the air before slamming the ball home. Bosh finished with 16 points and 15 rebounds in 40 minutes of playing time