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Jeff Green Getting Interest Around The League

Will Jeff still be in green next year?
Will Jeff still be in green next year?

Sam Amick reports that Jeff Green is healthy and ready to play and getting interest from around the league. Of course the source is his agent David Falk, but I would imagine that what he's saying is true.

Because Green became an unrestricted free agent in December after Boston withdrew its $9 million qualifying offer, teams are already calling Falk's office to discuss his possible exodus from Beantown. Free agency negotiations won't officially begin until July 1, but Falk said he has already had exploratory discussions with "12 to 14 teams."
While there is a strong mutual interest in Green returning to the Celtics, Falk said it's far from certain that it will turn out that way.

I think the Celtics can still offer him more than most other teams because of his BIrd rights but he is unrestricted because the Celtics released him in a gesture of good faith. That same gesture and the team's support of him this year could play heavily into Jeff's decision - provided he's still in the team's plans going forward. If not, the sign-and-trade option is always there (I think - correct me if I'm wrong as I haven't reviewed the latest CBA in detail yet).

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