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Could Austin Rivers Play For His Dad? He Says Yes

Rivers gets a lot of questions.
Rivers gets a lot of questions.

This article was well timed yesterday seeing that it was Father's Day. Austin Rivers gets the questions a lot. "Could you play for your dad? How would that work out?" To his credit, he seems to be handling it well.

Could Rivers Play For His Dad? " | Hang Time Blog

That makes the likelihood of Austin lasting until Boston twin picks, 21 and 22, too distant to seriously consider. Except that he has. Out of curiosity, yes, and out of necessity because a lot of people bring it up to him, sure. But of course playing for his father has crossed his mind.

"I don’t think it would raise problems if we handled it the right way," said the 2011-12 ACC Rookie of the Year, who became the third freshman to ever lead Duke in scoring and the first since 1983. "Handling it the right way is just knowing that it’s a business at the end of the day. Off the court, it’s father-son. But when it’s time to come between those lines, basketball wise, you’d have to handle it as a professional. It’d be hard, but I think it is manageable."

He is not going to last till the 21st pick, but the Celtics have been talking about trading up. So you never know.