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Finals Game 4 - Gamethread - Should We Root For OKC?

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As much as we despise the Heat and all that they stand for (slight hyperbole), some will point out that rooting FOR the Thunder is "wrong" because of their ownership and the way that they stole the Sonics from Seattle. Here's an interesting take from a Thunder blogger that is not shying from that criticism but campaigning for your rooting interest.

The Sonics Were Stolen, But This Championship Run Belongs to OKC - Welcome to Loud City

And, before I get a bunch of hate from Seattleites, let's make one thing clear. The Thunder were straight up stolen. And most Thunder fans are still in denial about it. All of the mentions of the move in local media I've seen during this playoff run have been blind about the issue, dismissing it as Seattle being unable to meet the requirements of a new arena. When, as most rational people know, Clay Bennett pretty much wanted Seattle to refuse the offer. The arena was proposed to be built in an unreasonable part of town, and required the city to foot way too much of the bill. But the point of this post isn't to blame Clay Bennett, or guilt Oklahomans for supporting their team. All of this is old news, and has been discussed to death. The point is, this championship run belongs to nobody but Oklahoma City. The team has been in the city for four years, and only two players have ever even donned a Sonics uniform.

Granted, this isn't too fair since many Celtics fans are rooting for Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant is the anti-LeBron/Kobe and extremely easy to root for. But it is an interesting conversation on a slow news day.

So what do you think? Do you buy it?