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NBA Finals Game 5 - Game Thread - Will James Be Crowned Tonight?

A ring, a ring, my kingdom for a ring.
A ring, a ring, my kingdom for a ring.

Will "King James" finally be crowned as an NBA Champion tonight? Hopefully not. I think the Thunder proved against the Spurs that you can't count them out and there's always a chance that James and the Heat could implode once again.

Still, if the Thunder are going to turn this around, they'll need to get their acts together. According to Welcome to Loud City, the issues are deeper than Westbrook's foul.

Heat 104, Thunder 98: Russell Westbrook is Not to Blame (2011-2012 NBA Finals Game 4 Full Recap) - Welcome to Loud City

But, I'm not going the route that many other people are taking and blaming Russell Westbrook. Westbrook had an excellent night, and scored more than anybody else on the floor. I don't care that he didn't get the few extra assists that he got the nights before. There are two other ballhandlers on the court in Durant and Harden who don't need to be set up by a guy like Westbrook, and the other two dudes on the floor in the fourth (Collison or Ibaka, Fisher or Sefolosha), did nothing to prove that they could have scored consistently. In fact, Sefolosha was trusted with a late game tying jumper, and didn't even have the presence of mind to fake out a charging Wade. In my opinion, the blame for this loss comes down to two guys: James Harden, and Scott Brooks.

See the link for details. Hopefully they'll have better things to write about tonight.