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Ed Lacerte Named Trainer Of The Year


At times it seemed like the Celtics were being held together with duct tape and chicken wire. There are lots of reports about how much effort it takes Kevin Garnett just to be ready to get on the court each night. Those things alone are probably worth recognizing Ed Lacerte with awards. Now add in the fact that he helped identify two different players' life threatening heart conditions, and you have grounds for sainthood. But I guess this will do for now.

Lacerte Selected as Trainer of the Year | - The official website of the Boston Celtics

The National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association named Ed Lacerte as their 2011-12 recipient of the Joe O’Toole Athletic Trainer of the Year. The award is chosen each year by his peers to be recognized for exemplary achievement or outstanding service to the NBA, the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association or his community. Lacerte was selected for his outstanding service to the NBATA. The award is named after Joe O’Toole, a long time former head athletic trainer of the Atlanta Hawks, who is regarded as the father of the NBATA. This is the second time Lacerte has been selected as Athletic Trainer of the Year with his previous award coming after the 1992-93 season.

Let's hope that the Celtics can make things a little easier on Ed next year by bringing in some younger legs and by keeping those young legs fresh and healthy so the old ones don't have to support so much of the weight.

Congrats Ed. Well deserved.