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NBA Draft Rumors, Speculation, and Outright Guessing

Austin Rivers on the Celtics is just a pipe dream, ...isn't it?
Austin Rivers on the Celtics is just a pipe dream, ...isn't it?

Let me start this off with a preamble. This post was inspired by a twitter conversation with Jon Duke of CSL, Chuck of Red's Army, and random other people on twitter. There's a little rumor, a lot of questions, and wild speculation involved. If this sort of thing makes you queasy, feel free to move along to other topics. If you are salivating right now, ...well, welcome home. has updated their mock draft and it has a few vague sort of rumors of interest in it. Essentially they are saying that the Celtics might look to swap picks with Houston who owns the 16th pick. It isn't clear what the Celtics would give up in addition to one of their picks but it sounds like the Rockets are targeting Teague and think they can move back in the draft to pick him up.

(on the 22nd pick)

We hear that Houston is targeting Teague and could take him 16th pick, or look to move back for him. There a good chance that Boston trades this pick to move up (For Austin Rivers or Royce White). So this pick (or 21) could easily be made by a team other than Boston.

(on the 16th pick - they project Royce White)

This pick could easily be traded and Boston could be a team that ends up moving up for White. Royce White has top 10 talent in this class but the concerns about his anxiety disorder are likely to drop him to the late first/early second round area.

My reaction: Well, that's interesting. First of all, are the Celtics that interested in pairing father and son together? I've always thought it would be kind of neat if it worked out, but not something to really bend over backwards to make happen. Probably a moot point anyway since most mocks (including this one) have him going around the 10th pick or so.

Second, is Royce rising that fast on draft charts? Just about every mock has him available in the 20's. Why would the Celtics have to jump 5 or 6 slots to get him?

Finally, what else is Boston giving up to make any of this happen? seems to indicate that the C's would still have the 21st pick. Does that mean the C's are dangling a future first rounder? Or JaJuan Johnson? It's not like we have a lot of assets to offer.

(on the 21st pick - they project Jared Sullinger)

Sullinger could be one of the big sliders on draft night after NBA doctors red flagged his back. He began the year as a projected top 5 pick, but failed to show much progress in his sophomore season and doubts began to creep in scout's minds about his upside and dedication to staying in shape.

This one is both believable and surprising in the same breath. Believable that he could slide all the way to us, and surprising that we'd have that kind of luck. Seriously, sign me up for this kid if we have a chance at him.

Now think about this. If you go to the wayback machine and look at DraftExpress in April of 2011, Jared Sullinger is projected as the 3rd pick of this draft and Austin Rivers the 10th. If the Celtics walk away with both those guys, that's pretty impressive.

Speaking of DraftExpress, they too have updated their mock and they have the Celtics picking up Quincy Miller at 21 and (here's that name again) Fab Melo at 22. Interestingly they have Royce White going to the Hawks at 23, so they must not buy the Ainge promise rumor going around.

Lastly, forgive me for completely ignoring the fact that we have a 2nd round pick. I haven't a clue who the Celtics will actually pick in the first round and less than zero idea of who these people in the 2nd round are. Also, I tend to believe the 2nd round becomes something of a swap meet for guys like Ainge. They get bought and sold on a whim so we might not even have a 2nd rounder by the time all the dealin' is done. Especially if our current 2nd is tossed into a trade to move up a few spots.

Finally, with all these rumors and wild speculation, it is interesting to go back and read what Danny Ainge himself said about the draft a few days ago.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge:

On rumors that the team would keep just one first-round draft pick:

"I listen to all the possibilities but right now we still have both of our picks."

Is this a deep draft in your eyes?:

"It's not that deep, no. It won't have as many transcendent players as [the LeBron] draft had. But I think when people say it's deep, you might get a player that can break into your rotation at 30 or 40 in the draft. That's unusual. ... I think we're going to get two good players, but not transcendent players."

What do you think about Austin Rivers and could he play for his father?:

"Yes he could play for his old man and I think he's going to be a top-10 pick and I think he's got a very bright future."

Could you trade picks 21 and 22 for a top-10 pick?:

"It's not likely. That's too high of a move."

Got all that? Have you read between the lines so many times that you've forgotten where the lines actually are? Of course you have, otherwise you wouldn't have made it all the way to the end of this silly blog post. Thanks for riding the crazy train with me. We've got 4 more days of this!