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Celtics Coming To A City Near (And Far From) You

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There may be no team more busy than Boston this off-season. Not only does Danny have to fill out a fifteen man roster than only boasts four signed players and decide two first round picks (and another at #51), the Celtics have a very busy schedule before even the pre-season starts.

Boston is signed up for both summer leagues in Orlando and Las Vegas. Click on the link for schedules. The Celtics will also join the Dallas Mavericks to represent the league in the NBA Live Europe 2012 showcase.

NBA Europe Live 2012 To Showcase Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks and Top Euroleague Teams

The four-game tour tips off on Oct. 5 when the 17-time NBA Champion Boston Celtics play five-time Turkish Champions Fenerbahce Ulker Istanbul at the newly opened, state-of-the-art Ulker Sports Arena in Istanbul, Turkey...Next stop is Milan, Italy, where 25-time Italian Champions EA7 Emporio Armani will match up against the Celtics at the Mediolanum Forum on Oct.7.

People have cited a lack of training camp as a big reason why Purduo--JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore--didn't see a lot of floor time last season. They'll get a lot of run in the summer leagues and we'll get to see how JJJ plays with his added weight. My fingers are crossed that he can take an Avery Bradley-like leap next season. There's also picks #21 and #22. There are rumors that the Celtics might be looking to trade up, but if they stand pat, those are two guys that will also definitely compete in Orlando and Vegas. There really hasn't been a star turn for a Celtic in summer league play, but guys can definitely play themselves into an invite to training camp and maybe even the team. I remember when Luke Harangody was drafted at #52 and nobody expected him to even make the team. He shined in Orlando and made the cut.

With the two game trip to Europe, it sounds like 2007 all over again. That year, the newly formed Big Three went to Rome and bonded as a team. Nine months later, they were beating the Lakers in The Finals and bringing home #17. Doc is on record saying that he likes taking training camp overseas:

Passports needed for 2012-13 preseason

"I love when we go [away for camp]," said Rivers. "I've always liked it, if it's done right. And we will find that out later -- we don't know if we're going to go over there and be our training camp, or if we're going to do the quick trip. I'm not a big fan of the quick trip. I think when you go over there, go over there, and have camp there. I think it's a great team-bonding trip. I'm hoping that's what we do, but that hasn't been clarified yet."

Ray and KG, please re-sign. For a minute, forget about the chance to win another ring in Boston and retiring your numbers in the Garden. Istanbul and Milan are beautiful in October.