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SBNation's Mock NBA Draft 2012

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SBNaiton has blogs that cover every team in the league so it was only natural that we would conduct an informal mock draft of our own, each playing the role of GM for the teams we covered.

Playing my role as Danny Ainge I may have gotten carried away because I promised 23 draft prospects that I'd pick them at 21 or 22 if I still had a pick. So I was desperately trying to either trade the picks away or pick up a third first round pick. Having failed that, I just had to make one of the agents really mad and deny everything, situation normal I guess.

Check out the whole mock for fun insights from everyone involved, but after the break you can see my picks and my justification. Enjoy.

2012 NBA Mock Draft: SB Nation Bloggers Take Over -


It is said that White has lottery talent, but questions about his past run ins with the law and his anxiety disorder have made him slip. It is also said that he's been impressing GMs in interviews with owning up to his past. Perhaps that's why Ainge allegedly asked him to shut down his workouts with other teams. Bottom line: there's just too much talent here to pass on. He's not a finished product, and his game is a bit unique, but that might actually make him a good fit on the court with Rondo.


The Celtics may be looking to move a pick or two, but if they keep both, I think it would be wise to swing for the fences on a big-time, raw talent that might develop into something special. That's Harkless - he could be one of the best players to come out of this draft. or he might never put it together. Harkless might go on the Avery Bradley plan of sitting for a year before getting more playing time, but if he develops he'll be well worth the wait.

So, how'd I do? Feel free to criticize since I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about the college game but I'm doing my best to fake it.

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