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"Positive Thinking": Doc Rivers Thinks Kevin Garnett Is Coming Back

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CSNNE's Carolyn Manno caught up with Doc Rivers at the Positive Coaching Alliance panel at Fenway Park this morning. The PCA is a "national non-profit with the mission to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience." In the spirit of the name of the organization, Manno picked up a few "positive" vibes from the Celtics' coach:

Doc also had some insight about what makes KG a great teammate, including the fact that Garnett has two suits tailor-made for the rookies.

We're two days away from the draft and five days away from free agency. KG's phone call to Danny Ainge or vice versa should be coming any day now. Positive thinking. Positive thinking. Everybody keep their fingers crossed.