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Celtics Granted 2013 2nd Round Pick From Jeff Green Trade With OKC

Lebron, I cropped this pic for your benefit.  Consider that the last and only time I help you out.
Lebron, I cropped this pic for your benefit. Consider that the last and only time I help you out.

This one came out of nowhere. According to Wojnarowski, the Celtics lodged a complaint with the league regarding Jeff Green's medical condition. There are no details as to when this claim was made, but this could be a small development that could potentially be something BIG (I'll keep using that NBA slogan until next season) in the future. The 2013 second round pick from OKC is actually from Charlotte so unless Charlotte pulls off a worst-to-first turnaround, that pick could be very useful. This is all water under the bridge at this point, but the NBA ruling on this will raise a lot of interesting questions: how much did the Thunder medical staff know, if anything, about Green's heart condition? Is there anything to the timing of this decision? With another rebuilding chip, does this influence Danny at all in terms of this draft?


In a statement released by the NBA:

Stern found that there was no evidence of bad faith or any intent to withhold information on the part of Thunder management or its physicians, but that Oklahoma City's cardiologists were in possession of information about Jeff Green that was not shared with Thunder management and that should have been disclosed to the Celtics in connection with the trade of Green in February 2011.

Read into that what you will. In my humble opinion, Oklahoma City "cardiologists" and "Thunder management" all fall under the guise of the Oklahoma City Thunder organization. After the trade was consummated, did the doctor alert anybody in OKC or Boston? If there is no evidence of bad faith, why were the Celtics awarded the pick? Further more, was this information that was even shared with Jeff Green? I remember him during training camp and saying that it was just fatigue and nothing to worry about. A second round pick two and a half years after the fact is a slap on the wrist considering the circumstances. I'm sure this isn't the last we've heard about this situation. There are a lot more questions than there are answers right now.

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