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Rumor: Celtics Interested In Trading For Jamal Crawford

Instant offense?
Instant offense?

The Celtics could always use scoring punch off the bench and Jamal Crawford can score in bunches. So I suppose this latest rumor makes some deal of sense.

76ers, T-Wolves, Celtics interested in Jamal Crawford

The Portland Trail Blazers are fielding trade offers for guard Jamal Crawford and the Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Boston Celtics are among the teams actively pursuing the scoring specialist intensely, a league source tells

However, for those unfamiliar with his game, here's the catch.

Summer Romance: Interest in Crawford? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Crawford has never been lauded for his efforts on the defensive end, and he's a very poor rebounder on top of that. What's more concerning is the drop-off in Crawford's shooting percentages last year. While he might have shot a career-high 92.7 percent from the free throw line, he shot a career-worst 30.8 percent from 3-point nation, and just 38.4 percent from the field overall, his worst mark since his rookie season back in 2000.

Plus there's the matter of what we'd have to give up to get Crawford. On the other hand, he's got just one year left on his contract ($5M) so picking him up would maintain that all important cap flexibility for Danny Ainge. So we'll see how serious the interest is.

In other news, 2 actual trades happened in the league today.

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