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The Celtics Also Have The 51st Pick

Insert player here.
Insert player here.

The second round is impossible to predict even for the experts, and the chances of the guy being picked actually making an impact on next season are minimal. So there's not much point in debating who the Celtics should or shouldn't pick at 51. In fact, I find myself forgetting that we actually have a second round pick to discuss. But at some point tomorrow night, the Celtics will either be selecting someone or trading the pick away, so we might as well discuss it (briefly) here.

First of all, for review, we shouldn't discount the fact that Ainge has found some hidden gems in the 2nd round.

Mixed bag for Danny Ainge -

Since his first draft for the Celtics in 2003, Ainge has taken, in order, Brandon Hunter (2003, 54th pick), Justin Reed (2004, 40th), Ryan Gomes (2005, 50th), Orien Greene (2005, 53rd), Leon Powe (2006, 49th), Gabe Pruitt (2007, 32nd), Glen Davis (2007, 35th), Walker (2008, 47th), Semih Erden (2008, 60th), Lester Hudson (2009, 58th), Luke Harangody (2010, 52nd) and E’Twaun Moore (2011, 55th).

Starting with the selection of Gomes, who developed into a solid rotational player and is now a Clipper, Ainge hit a second-round groove. Seven of these 12 players are still in the NBA, though that number is prone to serious fluctuation.

Next, let's look at some of the guys being projected to the Celtics on the few mocks that include a 2nd round.

NBA -- Mock Draft, Version 9, Round 2 - ESPN

Justin Hamilton | C | LSU The big guy out of LSU didn't put up huge numbers, but he's had tremendous workouts. The Celtics need size wherever they can get it.

Chad Ford also has another center going right before the Celtics to the Nuggets, the 27 year old Bernard James out of Florida St.

Draft Express has us taking Kevin Murphy, a wing out of Tennessee Tech who Ford calls "one of the best scorers in college basketball."

NBADraft.nethas us taking Tyshawn Taylor of Kansas fame though Ford doesn't think the point guard will slip that far.

And that's about it. There may be a mock draft or two that I'm missing but honestly, your guess is as good as theirs. But that's part of the fun of it. So don't turn off your TV (or shut down your browser surfing CelticsBlog) after the Celtics pick at 22. You never know if the Celtics are going to move up in the 2nd round to get someone they were thinking about earlier or make some future considerations trade that might someday prove helpful. And maybe, just maybe, that 51st pick will be another gem that contributes to the team next year and beyond.