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Celtics NBA Draft Rumors and News - Open Thread

Here we go.
Here we go.

Is anyone really anticipating a quiet night from Danny Ainge? He's staring at a transition year, regardless of what happens with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. He's got to reload and I don't see a couple of late first round picks being the only substantial changes to the roster.

I disagree with Peter May who says that the opening of Free Agency is a bigger deal than draft night this year. Draft night is typically one of the most active nights for trades because teams like to wait to finalize their trades till they can see who's available on the board. Ainge will be looking at all the options: trading up, trading down, trading out, etc.

Celtics have many good options in 2012 draft - The Boston Globe

"I think it’s worth trading up, but it all depends on the price," Ainge said. "So we’re continuing to have discussions, and we will all the way up as the draft goes on."

Even if there are no trades involving the Celtics, the shuffling back and forth on the draft board will have implications on who the Celtics can pick up at 21, 22, and even 51.

If you are curious, Chad Ford lays out the Celtics big board like this.

Celtics' Big Board:
1. Royce White
2. Jared Sullinger
3. Andrew Nicholson
4. Quincy Miller
5. Draymond Green

Check back here early and often for updates throughout the day and use the comments section (as well as the forums and the chat) to discuss among a few thousand of your closest friends and fellow fans.

First topic: Which 2 guys do you want to see the Celtics pick in the first round (assuming they keep both picks)?

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