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Running NBA Draft Thoughts, Rurmors, and Picks (Open Thread)

Here we go.
Here we go.

We'll update this throughout the first round leading up to the Celtics picks.

  1. Unibrow, no surprise.
  2. A slight surprise right away with Michael Kidd Gilchrist going number two, but he was one of the top 5 all along so not a huge surprise.
  3. Like the Beal fit on the Wizards because he'll be a shooter next to Wall.
  4. Wasn't expecting Dion Waiters to go this soon. We're only 4 picks in and all the mocks are already wrong. I have no idea who's going to be picked by the Celtics - but there's no surprise there.
  5. Thomas Robinson "sliding" down the board... sorta. Sactown snatches him right up.
  6. Now it is between Barnes and Lillard for number 6 I guess... Lillard it is.
  7. Sounds like Barnes is going to Golden St. so I think we're officially into the Austin Rivers watch zone. This is also the area where we might have seen Jared Sullinger go if he had a clean bill of health.
  8. Raps up next. They get Terrence Ross. That seems high but what do I know?
  9. Pistons get another big man in Drummond. Pretty good value pick. Some saying Rivers will go next.
  10. And Rivers goes to New Orleans to play with the Unibrow. Good for him. Now we don't have to hear about him playing on the Celtics anymore.
  11. Leonard - he's tall
  12. Lamb - he's not (can you tell I don't know much about the guys in this middle area of the draft?)
  13. Marshall - that seems higher than he was mocked at, but ok
  14. Henson can block some shots. That's all I've got, sorry.
  15. "Don't call me Moe" Harkless goes to the Sixers. Don't they have enough athletic wings?
  16. Royce White goes to Houston! So much for all our mock drafts.
  17. Zeller goes to Cavs by way of the Mavs.
  18. Terrence Jones off the board. Still on the board: Perry Jones III, Nicholson, Sullinger
  19. Sounds like Nicholson is going to Orlando, so it is the Red Flags Pair still on the board

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