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Celtics Have Interest In Josh Smith, Hawks Not Ready To Deal Yet


As the title would suggest, it sounds like the Celtics have inquired about Josh Smith but new Hawks GM Ferry isn't about to make a deal just yet. Stay tuned though.

Hawks resisting interest in Smith for now

Teams have been calling the Atlanta Hawks all week to register trade interest in swingman Josh Smith, according to sources close to the situation... But new Hawks general manager Danny Ferry apparently isn't ready to part with Smith right away. Boston, Houston and the Los Angeles Lakers -- with Pau Gasol as the prime piece being offered in L.A.'s case -- have joined Orlando this week in making their interest in Smith known. Yet as Ferry settles into the job, sources say he wants to take stock of things before deciding if he's prepared to go into next season without Smith, who is entering the final year of his contract at $13.2 million and has let it be known for some time that he'd welcome a trade.

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Now back to the draft.

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