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Celtics Select Kris Joseph With The 51st Pick


Kris Joseph - Fab Melo's teammate from Syracuse. Sounds like he's a good athlete who can shoot spot up jumpers and play a little defense.

Kris Joseph |

Kris seems to be a quintessential swingman small forward ... He's a great athlete, with tremendous leaping abilities ... He is always active, always trying to make something happen around the basket whether its getting tips or put backs ... He's an above average rebounder mainly due to his explosiveness, high energy and constant motor- always following shots and trying to make something happen around the basket ... His long wingspan and athleticism give him potential to be good defender

The knocks on him appear to be largely on offense. Not a good shooter off the dribble, not a good ball handler, etc.

Is it just me or does this sound like a younger Mickael Pietrus? It does sound like he can run with Rondo at least.