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Heat Will Look To Body Up Garnett More

Expect more double teams for KG.
Expect more double teams for KG.

As Josh expertly detailed, fronting Kevin Garnett in the post didn't work out so well, so it sounds like the Heat are going to go back to double teaming him and making him work more for position (which did work out well in games 1 and 2.

Kevin Garnett, Dwyane Wade force adjustments for Game 4 - Ian Thomsen -

"He came in with an aggressive mindset," Spoelstra said. "They came in with a mentality to make sure he got some deep catches. So we have to meet him with force, play him with two people at times, but do things harder and better than what we did." In other words, Garnett can expect to be bumped and bodied on his way into the paint as he seeks to establish early post position near the basket. In other situations, when he's setting screens for Rondo or for Paul Pierce, Garnett has been popping for jump shots less often in order to seek the inside presence that is crucial to the Celtics.

The Heat still will be without Chris Bosh, so they will have to rely on Haslem, Turiaf, and Joel Anthony to try to keep KG out of his comfort zone.

Hopefully the Celtics can counter that and find ways to make them pay (while hopefully getting him some looks inside the paint anyway). We'll need another haymaker game from Rondo but it does always help to have the Big Ticket working the body blows.

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