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Is Today Decision Day For Kevin Garnett?

Still up in the air.
Still up in the air.

Kevin Garnett reportedly told Danny Ainge that he would make a decision on retirement vs. playing this year by today. In fact, he's one of the few free agents that Ainge can talk money with right away.

Green Street " Danny Ainge on Kevin Garnett: ‘Don’t really have any conclusions’

The Celtics have an exclusive negotiating window with Garnett through the end of June; free agents can start negotiating with other teams on July 1, with a moratorium on signings from July 1-10. "I’ve been talking with Kevin and his people and don’t really have any conclusions yet," Ainge said after Thursday night’s NBA draft. "That’s our No. 1 option. One reason is because he’s such a valuable player, and one reason is because he’s the only guy we can talk to."

Hopefully KG can give Ainge a yes answer and the two can work out the parameters of a reasonable deal that will allow Ainge some room under the cap to sign some of our own free agents and any others we might be interested in.