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Next Up: Signing Jeff Green

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The Celtics really, really could have used Jeff Green this year. He's not a star and he's got his faults, but he's a versatile, talented, younger player and could be an excellent piece of the puzzle for years to come. So it sounds like the Celtics will do their best to sign him and he's very much open to coming back.

Green’s heart still with C’s -

Asked if he thought there would be a problem getting a deal done with the Celtics, Falk said, "No. I mean, I think he’s going to have a lot of interest by a lot of different teams, but I’ve made no bones about the fact he feels a special kinship with Doc (Rivers) and the Celtic tradition — but they’re going to have to step up and make a deal with us."

Falk is an agent, so he's going to do what he can to maximize his client's income. On the other hand, he's also going to have to be mindful of what's best for him overall. The way the Celtics handled his situation is not lost on Falk or Green.

"You know, in my 38 years in this business, I've written an owner a letter twice to commend him on the job of a general manager. One time was in Utah with Kevin O'Connor (who handled a situation with Jeff Malone differently after there had been some friction) and the second time was with Danny.

Green was frequently seen hanging around the Celtics this year and seemed to be an accepted part of the team/family unit. I'm guessing that he'll do whatever he can to stay in Boston and he'll be incredibly motivated to repay them with his best effort on the court. Call me overly optimistic if you want, but I feel like he could have his best season as a pro next year.

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