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Rajon Rondo Becoming Consistently Great

Carrying the load.
Carrying the load.

It is hard not to get carried away with the Rajon Rondo compliments. He's just doing amazing things on the basketball court right now. Threading the needle on insane passes, timing his leaps perfectly to snatch a rebound or steal a pass, putting up ridiculous circus shots that somehow have become routine for him... it is poetry in a headband.

But we've followed Rondo since he was a rookie and we all remember too well the magician that would produce dazzling performances would also frequently perform disappearing acts just as often. So you'll forgive us all for being once bitten twice shy with this talk of "consistency" when attached to Rajon.

Still, what else can you call it? Night in, night out, he's racking up double digit assists and carrying the team on his back for long stretches at a time. He can't be insanely incredible 100% of the time, nobody can. Superstars have off nights without having to be labelled "inconsistent," why can't Rondo? Force of habit I suppose.

But the prickly point guard is making believers out of us all. And as usual, the Coach is one of his biggest believers.

Rondo now routinely great -

"He’s good. That’s what he is now when you think about it," Rivers said. "He’s just a good basketball player — great basketball player. And now he’s consistent. That’s when you cross the line, when you’re no longer inconsistent."

Rondo is going to have more bad games. In fact, even in some of his best games he'll have a bad quarter or half. That's just what happens in games. LeBron James has bad quarters and he was the MVP. Pierce has bad games but he's still our captain and we trust him with the game on the line. Just like we're beginning to trust Rajon Rondo to carry the team to victory.

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