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Chris Bosh Expected Back For Game 5


Coach Spoelstra has called Chris Bosh their most important player. He could be making an appearance on the court in South Beach on Tuesday.

2012 NBA playoffs -- Chris Bosh of Miami Heat to return for Game 5, according to sources - ESPN

According to multiple sources, the Heat are hoping to activate Chris Bosh for Tuesday's Game 5 if he doesn't suffer a setback in workouts over the next two days. Bosh declined to discuss his status following the Heat's 93-91 overtime loss to the Boston Celtics on Sunday, which tied the series at 2-2.

Bosh has missed three weeks and nine playoff games since going down with an abdominal strain in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Indiana Pacers. The Heat have not put an official timetable on his return but it is believed they were targeting a three-week window for a return if he didn't have setbacks in his rehab.

We'll see how much help he can be for the Heat and what adjustments Kevin Garnett and the Celtics need to make to account for him. It is a 3 game series now, and this is a critical wrinkle in the dynamics.

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