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All Eyes (and Ears) on Rajon Rondo

Rondo will be heard from tonight.
Rondo will be heard from tonight.

Eric Koreen from writes about the quirky phenomenon we all know as Rajon Rondo below.

NBA playoffs 2012: Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo takes centre stage | NBA | Sports | National Post

Over the course of these NBA playoffs, Rajon Rondo has already: (a) been suspended for bumping an official in Game 1 of the first round; (b) said, as an aside, that the Celtics felt like they had pretty much won that series against Atlanta when they won Game 2 without him (the series was tied 1-1 at that point); (c) told reporters that the Celtics would have to make the Heat stars "hit the deck" after a Game 1 loss in the East final; and (d) told ESPN sideline reporter Doris Burke that the Celtics were taking advantage of the Heat "complaining and crying to the referees in transition" at halftime of Game 4.

Rajon Rondo has a, to be fair, distinguishing attitude. As a Celtic fan, I'd like to call it a combination of a mean streak, confidence, and desire to be great. To other NBA fans, he may come off as an infant. Occasionally, he can definitely hit a point where he goes too far (note: bumping a referee after a non-call and kicking towards Shane Battier), but more often than not he uses this attitude to his advantage.

Never satisfied, Rondo seems to have a chip on his shoulder whether he is playing great or awful from the season's first game to the very last. Now in his sixth season in the league at the age of 26, this is just the way he is and it looks like who he's going to be. The question now: how will this chip eventually define him?

Lets be realistic here, the 2008 championship was a great accomplishment for Rondo, but although a starter he was really just a role player. Now, the Boston Celtics are his team. The torch has been passed from Pierce, Allen, and KG to the young point guard in his prime.

What happens in this now 2 out of 3 mini-series against the Heat may end up as one of Rondo's defining moments. It could be his last chance to get back to the championship with the big-3 while the Celtics may have to rebuild in the coming years. Who knows when or, should I say if, Rondo will be on such a big stage again?

Winning this series will finally get Rondo the respect he thinks that he deserves.