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A Few Must Read Links on Celtics and Heat


For your reading pleasure a few links to read about the Celtics beating the Heat in three straight games and being one step away from the Finals. Starting with a "in case you missed it" link to a CelticsBlog article from yesterday afternoon.

Pick Your Poison: How The Celtics Are Beating The Heat - CelticsBlog

How are they doing it? It's clear Rondo has definitely elevated his game and what that's done is given the Celtics options. For a team that's been offensively inept all year, it sounds strange to say that, especially against one of the better defensive teams in the league. However, in the playoffs, it's all about match-ups and the Celtics have been able to capitalize on their biggest advantages: Rondo and Garnett. In the half court set, most of their offense has been initiated with the 1-5 pick. In Games 1-2, Garnett was popping for the jumper but in both subsequent home games, there has been a more concerted effort to establish him in the paint so he's rolled to the rim more often. Rondo and Garnett have carried the team with basketball's bread-and-butter play, but Miami has adjusted their strategy in an attempt to slow them down:

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