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Celtics Have Trouble Closing Teams Out... Except In Boston

The TD Garden
The TD Garden

Much has been made of the Celtics inability to put teams away when they have a chance to close out a series. Their 11-13 record in such games is indeed alarming (or at least concerning). However, as Celtics Hub points out, the venue has a big role in the success rate.

Exposing The Truth About Boston’s "Struggles" In Closeout Games -

The point I want to make is this: If you’re going to look at Boston’s track record over the past five years (which is only somewhat relevant in itself) you need to take into account how well they’ve played at the Garden during the postseason during that time. The Celtics have a series record of 9-1 during the past five years when they’ve had just a chance to close out a team at TD Garden. That series loss came in 2009 without the services of Kevin Garnett as well, putting a pretty big astertik next to the defeat.

So it sounds like having that home cooking might be enough to cook the heat. Oh, and if you are going to the game, make us proud and be loud all game long.