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OKC Thunder Roll Into The Finals

Nice trophy.
Nice trophy.

They were down 2 games to none against the nearly flawless San Antonio Spurs. Nobody was giving them much of a chance to get to the Finals. Even last night they trailed by 15 points at halftime, but just as they've done in the series as a whole, the OKC Thunder came roaring back to win the game.

That resolve combined with their already formidable talent is what has experts salivating over the young Thunder team.

Dynasty forming in Oklahoma City as Thunder finish off Spurs for West title - Chris Mannix -

Indeed, there is a dynasty forming in Oklahoma City, and these next two weeks could just be the first step. Whether it's Boston or Miami that comes out of the Eastern Conference, the Thunder will be the favorite. They will have home-court advantage and the swagger that comes with beating up on the best. The Thunder walked through the last three Western Conference champs during this run, eliminating the only teams that have represented the conference since 1999, who own 10 of the last 13 NBA championships.

Thunder Are The Best, And Only Getting Better -

As OKC exploded onto the scene, it's come with equal parts beauty and terror. Beauty because they make basketball breathtaking when it all comes together. Terror because they're still nowhere near perfect -- from Russell Westbrook to Kevin Durant to Scott Brooks -- but they just keep winning in the meantime. It's kinda impossible not to get caught up in the joy of it all. The Thunder aren't the Spurs. They may be every bit as unstoppable, but they're nowhere near as precise and that's part of the charm. Every Thunder game is a new adventure with different heroes doing ridiculous things, and we're along for the ride.

We have to focus on the Heat first, but I'm hoping we have a chance to see what we can do against the Thunder as well.