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Bosh Could Start Game 6


Whether Spoelstra thinks it's "fair" or not, all signs point to Chris Bosh playing a bigger role and maybe even starting Game 6:

Chris Bosh could play larger role

"I'm still going through that thought process," Spoelstra said after the Heat wrapped up practice in Miami before traveling to Boston. "But I think he'll be able to handle a bigger load of minutes, and it'll be based more on how he'll feel during the game."

In Game 5, Bosh played stints of 5:05 and 5:28 in the first half, but only 3:47 in the third quarter. On offense, he was very active around the glass, grabbing 7 rebounds and scoring 9 points on 3-8 shooting. It was on defense that Spoelstra saw his 7-time All-Star affected by rust; he was slow on rotations and Spoelstra specifically tried to avoid minutes where Bosh would have to D up KG.

I'm not a doctor, but I thought Bosh looked hobbled. It reminded me of when I haven't played ball in a few weeks and I hit this park near my apartment. I'm awesome in my first pick up game because I really don't know my limitations and I'll try things that I think I can pull off. But after 15 minutes, my body fails me. My sides start cramping up, I settle for jump shots, and I don't get back on defense. You could tell by Bosh's gait that he was gimpy. Instead of sprinting down the floor, he hopped and skipped, favoring his strained ab.

But even if he's at 80%, Spoelstra has to play him. There's speculation that he's coaching for his job tonight and nobody in Miami will fault him for playing Bosh; a loss can be blamed on Bosh's health, but reduced playing time will be pinned on the head coach.

I'd love to see Hollins in there battling against the Raptor-looking former Raptor. Stiemsma played well in Game 5, but I like Hollins' spastic energy against a guy that might be a little tentative. Bosh didn't seem bothered by Stiemer's length, but Hollins is a pogo stick on both sides of the ball. That frantic activity could give Bosh problems.