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Game 7 Ticket Comparisons

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If you happen to be in the Miami area and want to get tickets to game 7, look for tickets here

Some interesting facts about game 7 ticket prices:

  • Ticket prices for game 7 are up 49% this week, 18% since last night.
  • 2000+ tickets available with price starting at $178.
  • There are currently over 75+ seats available for $200 or less, all located in TiqZone 400's Baseline.
  • 300 Level tickets start @ $237. Currently there are 140+ available for less than $300. These tickets range from 21% to 38% below market value.
  • In the 100's levels prices start at $450 (37% below market average). There are currently 100+ 100-level seats available for less than $520. These tickets are selling from 29% to 37% below market average.
  • For those not too worried about price and just want their tickets in their hands as quickly as possible there are 100+ instant delivery eTickets available, with prices ranging from $186-$2550 per ticket.

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