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Celtics Are Confident, Ready For Game 7


Love the confidence that this team has. Of course every team can talk confidently, but for some reason, since I've seen them deliver so many times, I tend to have faith in these words.

Pierce (via the Herald)

"We’re going into Game 7 the underdog. We’re right where we want to be. This is as hard as it gets. And I think we are prepared for it."

Kevin Garnett:

"There are a lot of confident guys in here, a lot of guys who have been through Game 7s. A lot of experienced guys. We’re going to lean on that. There’s a bunch of fighters in this locker room."

Doc Rivers (via the Globe)

"If you would have told me before the playoffs started that you could have a Game 7 to decide to go to the Finals, we would have taken it and we didn't care where you played it," he said. "So in a lot of ways, we love being here."

Let's go Celtics! clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.