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National Signing Day - NBA Version - Open Thread


Most reading this understand this already, but for those not familiar with the semantics of free agency, here's the deal. On July 1st teams could start talking to other teams' free agents. July 11th (today) is the day that teams can actually sign free agents with pen and ink in a legally binding way. So when you hear teams announce signing someone that you thought was signed a week or two ago, you are sort of right and technically wrong.

For example, Jason Terry didn't sign a contract with the Celtics last week, but he will today (or pretty soon). We can also expect announcements to be made for Kevin Garnett, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass and others.

We might also see some more movement on that blockbuster Dwight Howard deal that's been rumored for days, weeks, months, and years. And yes, the Ray Allen signing will become official as well.

Here's hoping that the Celtics will be moving towards some additional moves that bring us more help to the roster. There are still roster spots to be filled and the team sounds like they would like to add Courtney Lee or another shooting guard, likely by trade or sign-and-trade.

Should be an interesting day.

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