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Celtics Will Introduce Free Agent Signings On Saturday


While the rest of the league appeared to be going bonkers yesterday (Brooklyn alone signed or traded for 12 players) all things were quiet in Waltham. That isn't a sign of changes in the plan, just that they are content not to rush the process.

No drama for Green -

Their plan is to unveil the likes of Brandon Bass, Jason Terry and Jeff Green during a Saturday press conference.

Now, the delay does give them some wiggle room. If they agree to a trade between now and then and the team has to do some fancy financial footwork with contracts (minor stuff to make things work under the cap without changing the spirit of the agreed deals) this gives them a couple of days. But other than that, expect the 3 free agents to sit down at a news conference and be introduced (or re-introduced) on Saturday as Boston Celtics.

One developing situation to watch is the Houston Rockets. Obviously you can't get away from the constant Dwight Howard coverage and that has a huge impact on most of the league. But it goes beyond that. The Celtics would like to work out a sign-and-trade with the Rockets for Courtney Lee. That isn't likely to get resolved until the Howard stuff does. In addition, the Rockets are preparing huge offer sheets to Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik which figure to take a number of days to sort out. So, as you can see, things in Houston are a bit ...complicated at the moment.

It still seems to me that Ainge will likely make a small deal or two and he's got to fill in the rest of the roster, but for the moment all things are quiet in Boston.

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