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Timberwolves Expect To Sign Stiemsma, Interested In Lee

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Looks like David Kahn is trying to break the hearts of Celtics fans everywhere:

Bitter battle over Nic Batum costs Wolves at least one target - Darren Wolfson - 1500 ESPN Twin Cities

The Wolves expect to get restricted free agent center Greg Stiemsma. Boston is over the cap, so the Wolves feel like they will be able to structure the contract in a fashion such that Celtics general manager Danny Ainge won't be able to match

As for getting a wing, the Wolves will sign free agent Courtney Lee if the price is right. But they won't wait long after Thursday morning. If his price is too high, they will move quickly to sign free agent Ronnie Brewer. If Lee waits too long, he won't be a Timberwolf. O.J. Mayo, who chose the Mavericks on Monday night, was never seriously on the Wolves' radar. The Wolves called on Mayo early in free agency but didn't keep in touch in the last few days.

The Twolves are going to steal Stiemer *and* potentially sign Lee? KHAN!!!!!!!!