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Sign & Trade Options For Jason Terry Have Been "Exhausted"


So, it looks like unless Danny can convince the Rockets or even a third team to take some package of JaJuan Johnson, E`Twaun Moore, Sean Williams, Mikael Pietrus, and Keyon Dooling in a sign-and-trade, the dream of getting Courtney Lee to replace Ray Allen will remain a dream. Call me crazy, but I think there's still a possibility that he signs here without a S&T. Even though the bi-annual exception is less than what he made last year in Houston, the hunger to play for a championship and his long standing relationship with Doc and his family might be enough to lure Lee into a one-year deal with a player option. O.J. Mayo certainly took less to go to the Mavericks and opportunities with Phoenix and Minnesota have to be less appealing to a player who wants to go deep into the playoffs.

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