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Celtics vs Bulls - It's Back to the Future


Boston Celtics (1-0) vs Chicago Bulls (0-0)
Wednesday, July 18
12:00 PM ET Tape Delay
(Game was played 7/17 10:00 PM)
Cox Pavillion, Las Vegas, NV

Game Thread l Chat

I know this game was already played. Some of you may have shown amazing restraint and have stayed away from any and all reports about the game so you can watch it without knowing the end. Some people with no restraint (like me) found a stream and were able to watch it live, but many won't watch until today. So this is a reminder that even if you did watch the game live, watch on NBA-TV today at noon.

It's good to see Leon Powe playing again, even if it is for the Bulls and even if it is Summer League. I really hope he catches on with a team. He's one of the good guys in the league and you have to pull for him. He gave all he could to the Celtics and then some. He deserves another shot.

I won't give any of the details of the game away for those who haven't watched it and have avoided reading the game recaps. All I'll say is it's a good one so don't miss it. For those who were looking for the game thread before last night's game I apologize. The tape delay showing threw me off. Ahhh the joys of Summer League.

63 Brackins, Craig*+ F 6-10 230 Iowa State
50 Christmas, Dionte*+ G 6-5 205 Temple
40 Gibson, Jonathan*+ G 6-1 171 New Mexico State
12 Johnson, JaJuan*+ F 6-10 221 Purdue
43 Joseph, Kris*+ F 6-7 215 Syracuse
52 Lasme, Stephane*+ F 6-8 215 Massachusetts
13 Melo, Fab*+ C 7-0 255 Syracuse
55 Moore, E'Twaun*+ G 6-4 191 Purdue
53 Owens, Larry*+ n/a
41 Smith, Jamar*+ G 6-3 185 Southern Indiana
7 Sullinger, Jared*+ F 6-9 280 Ohio State
56 Williams, Sean*+ C-F 6-10 235 Boston College
* = Orlando, + = Las Vegas
Rivers, Doc
Hill, Armond
Eastman, Kevin
Longabardi, Mike
Lue, Tyronn ** Summer League Coach
Young, Jamie
Anderson, Jake+ n/a
21 Butler, Jimmy+ G-F 6-7 220 Marquette/USA
31 Czyz, Olek+ F 6-7 240 Nevada-Reno/Poland
6 Johnson, Justin+ G 6-2 175 Concordia-Irvine/USA
12 McCamey, Demetri+ G 6-3 200 Illinois/USA
20 Moore, Ramone+ G 6-4 190 Temple/USA
0 Powe, Leon+ F 6-8 240 California/USA
8 Simon, Chase+ G 6-7 216 Detroit Mercy/USA
30 Sims, Henry+ C 6-10 245 Georgetown/USA
34 Skeen, Jamie+ F 6-8 242 Virginia Commonwealth/USA
17 Taylor, Jermaine+ G 6-4 210 Central Florida/USA
25 Teague, Marquis+ G 6-2 189 Kentucky/USA
14 Thomas, Malcolm+ F 6-9 225 San Diego State/USA
24 Ubiles, Edwin+ F-G 6-6 204 Siena/USA

* = Orlando, + = Las Vegas
Thibodeau, Tom
Adams, Ron
Brunson, Rick
Greer, Andy
Pinckney, Ed
Wilhelm, Mike
Griffin, Adrian

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