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Report: Celtics Acquire Courtney Lee In Sign And Trade (Maybe?)

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Nothing to see here. Now the deal is supposedly done.

David West, Part Two? Let's hope not.

There's still a chance that the deal could fall through and there's back and forth reports on twitter about it, but here are some details:


Marc Spears has the good news:

There will likely be other players included besides Johnson to make the money work; most likely candidates are Sean Williams, and possibly E'Twaun Moore, both of whom have non-guaranteed deals. Also, we have no clue yet on the financial details, but for it to be a sign-and-trade, it has to be at least a three year deal (although the second and/or third seasons can be non-guaranteed,.)

Any way you slice it, this is pretty good news. Lee is the type of guy who you can plug into a lineup without any worries about "fit"; he's a very good shooter and a good defender, and he's still only 26 years old. It stinks that Ray signed in Miami, but this is a very nice consolation prize.

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