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Chris Wilcox Medically Cleared To Play; Celtics Interested

Cleared for takeoff.
Cleared for takeoff.

Chris Wilcox had been enjoying being on the receiving end of Rajon Rondo's alley-oops and providing the Celtics with some energy and athleticism before a heart condition was found that shut down his season. Now it sounds like he's ready to return to the court.

Wilcox Ready To Resume NBA Career " | Hang Time Blog

Free-agent forward Chris Wilcox has been cleared for full-court contact, his agent said Monday, as the 29-year-old attempts to resume his career after undergoing aortic surgery last March. Wilcox had been playing well for the Boston Celtics as a reserve when the team’s doctors noticed what the team called a "significant" enlargement of his aorta. As a precaution, Wilcox was shut down for the season and operated on at the Cleveland Clinic March 29.

And going along with a common theme lately, yes, the Celtics are interested.

Not sure what priority the Celtics would put on Wilcox or how much they'd be willing to offer him, but at the right price I'm not surprised that Boston would be interested.

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