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Stiemsma Has Offer; May Be Done In Boston

Big man has game, will travel.
Big man has game, will travel.

Sounds like Greg Stiemsma might have a contract offer, and as a new twist, it isn't from Minnesota.

Source: Stiemsma has outside offer - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Restricted free agent center Greg Stiemsma has received an offer from a new suitor, according to a league source. The Celtics extended a $1.05 million qualifying offer to Stiemsma before the free-agency period, while the Timberwolves have expressed consistent interest in the 6-foot-11 big man this offseason. But while Stiemsma's camp awaits an offer sheet from Minnesota, it appears a third team has entered the fray.

This offer, when formally delivered, will almost certainly price Boston out of the Stiemsma Sweepstakes. Given their cap constraints, the Celtics are unable to match even a modest offer for his services with only the biannual exception ($1.95 million) remaining above a minimum contract and Boston is nearing the luxury tax threshold.

I'd love to keep the big guy around, but if he finds a new home, I'll be happy for him. Of course it means we'll be down one more option at center. Finding cheap 7 footers that can play is kind of impossible - which explains the Ryan Hollins experiment.

Update: Looks like Stiemer's preferred destination might be Minnesota, rather than this mysterious third team:

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